October 28, 2007

Got my Saviour Socks!!!

My Sockapalooza Socks are here! My sock saviour is from the Netherlands. Bianca sent me socks of her own design: cables and a wonderful cuff. They arrived together with some autumn tea, a pencil and a little sketchbook. She also sent me a letter in German. Thank you, Bianca!
See, they look great to jeans, match my carpet and the stripes are almost similar on each sock! They have my favourite heel. See the cables and the cuff:Now, that I was not forgotten in Sockapaloza 4 I'm waiting for number 5 to appear! (Thank you, Alison!)
Until then I promise to blog more often... Since I started back to work I'm too lazy to take the time. But there are some knitting and quilting fo's I should write about.

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Breien in Lansingerland said...

I am glad to read that the socks fit so well. :-) LOL! I think the yarn was calling to become socks for you, they look very nice on your feet. Enjoy them :-)

Lots of love, Bianca